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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 
From: (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media)
Subject: V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink - KidCast List/Progress-Final Notice-Happenings

Dear Friends of Creativity Cafe, KidCast For Peace, Art and Technology for
a better world,

KidCast Mailing List
What's Going On Now: Avatar 97
KidCast Progress
As the World Shrinks: Distance Learning

Welcome to VMI, the newsletter of Visionary Artists Resources Including
Other Unique Services and Creativity Cafe. With this post, those of you
wanting to keep in (get in) the KidCast loop and join our exciting and
growing event are invited do so. This invitation will not be extended again
in this general publication until just before our next (April) KidCast.
Subscribe by sending a message to In the body of
your message write this:

subscribe kidcast your@email Your Name

That's it. You will receive updates about 3 times a week until a week
before the event (11/17). At that time, the intensity of global
organization will rule.  You can unsubscribe the same way at any time...or
COMMAND the list to send a digest once a week with compiled messages.
Details at: KidCast'ers PLEASE post
directly to: paying special attention to write your
subject lines to clarify the focus of the message, i.e. Music Coordination,
or CU-SeeMe Audio glitch. In this way messeages non essential to any given
person's particular KidCast focus can be ignored by them.

What's Going On Now Avatar 97:
Avatar 97 (, being held in San Francisco is covering all the
basses about Virtual Worlds and the entities that inhabit them. Details of
Peter Rosen's Birds of a Feather Session, "Can Building Virtual Worlds,
Build Better Humans?" can be viewed in our community forum.

Avatar 97 seems to be concerned with many of the issues we face on Earth,
therft, sex, personal space, freedom of movement, City Planning, etc. The
beauty of Cyberspace is that you never run out of room, the downside is
that you never see the light of day (once you get addicted to the Internet
as a way of life--as many of you already know). Many illuminated speakers
have come together to discuss and write the rules of Cyberspace, Avatar
interaction both from social standpoints as well as looking to standardize
technical issues. Congratulations to Bruce Damer for his great contribution
as producer of A-97, and also for his just released book on Avatars. We are
also celebrate the release of a new book on Interactivity by our friend
Ceila Pearce. Perhaps we will get a chance for reviewing both?

KidCast Progress:
Committed so far: Honolulu, Maui, San Francisco, Palo Alto Plugged-in and
the Japan Teleclass. Vienna and Graz, Austria...and Brussles are in the
works as is Australia. Directions for the Natural Music making aspect of
the KidcCast have been sent to the KidCast list and will appear in KidCast
Central within a week. The MIDI Jam is unfolding nicely thanks to who will set up a KidCast Chat and Musical Jam area. They are
also going to Comdex and are considering putting up a CU-SeeMe link from
there. On a similar front; I got a call from New York Siggraph, co-producer
of the New York Digital Salon. They are also seeking to weave their Netcast
program and involvement with us on Peace Day, Nov. 17th.

Dave Warner, M.D. continues to organize for our EarthDay and Siggraph
KidCasts (check out his cyberarium project at Jon Fox at
MediaCast ( has put up the KidCast reflector for testing.
Point your CU-SeeMe (get it free on the net) software to: A message will go out shortly to advise of our
second test (join the KidCast list or you will never hear about it).

There are many companies, individuals and organizations supporting and
wanting to support/participate in the KidCast events. Unfortunately, this
writer is only able to manage a small degree of the energy and necessary
technical, marketing, and production skills/details at this time. Gladly,
this still unfunded project has grown bigger than this small office can
easily handle. Lots of great energy is falling through the cracks. We
expect this to change by EarthDay. BTW, SCI-FI Channel called saying they
will cover the KidCast,  ZD-TV also expressed interest and MY-Kids.Com will
supply automaticly built "KidCast for Peace" web sites if you send them
your pictures, GIFs or JEPG'ed "visions of peace." Details soon in KidCast

As the World Shrinks:
The first CU-SeeMe test was a dismal failure as we tried to hook up to the
GLOBAL LEARN DAY program from 3220 Networks (Our live SF broadcast node).
GLD is the project of Tak Utsumi who is doing research and amazing
organization in Long Distance Education using a myriad of technologies. A
full report of his exceptional work can be found at:

Our goal remains to build a network of physical Creativity Cafe's to serve
indigeonous cultures with local education and Internet access points, so
the technophobic and the curious can become as saavy as the digital elete
to the communication revolution. The building at 654 Mission is still
waiting for us. Please send you friendly "Adventure Capitalist" to back the

The Macromedia Users Conference ( produced some great
connections and opportunities for guerrilla marketing (this writer jamming
with a "suit and tie" booth rep; dueling guitars in the aisles). The makers
of the best storytelling tools announced their new product; Dreamweaver, to
make web site creation nightmares a thing of the past (like having all your
hand coded HTML, re-written beyond your recognition when turning to any
other automatic web tool). DreamWeaver features full integration of their
Shockwave and Flash technologies.  I met a gentleman there named Bhakti who
is volunteering to help redeisgn KidCast Central using these latest
tools. Look for our new face by the end of next week. As always, Macromedia
has helped KidCast in numerous ways and continues to do so. Special thanks
goes out to Jane Chuey and Linda Kilby.

A few notes before you go:
Our appologies in advance if you received more than one copy of this. We
are fine tuning the KidCast List and Creativity Cafe communication methods.
Please let us know if you receive more than one copy of this message.

We suggest a visit to our Community Forum to sign up for our Creativity Digest . This will become our frequent place to post to members of our family with information of a more general interest and personal interest: This newsletter (VMI) will continue to be published on a sporatic basis, reporting our progress and the global goings on relating to creativity, personal growth and global community.
Lastly, C.Scott Young the VRML Knight who built Creativity Cafe's EarthStation could use some help in order to translate the VRML 1.0 EarthStation ( to VRML 2. If someone can underwrite his time to do the conversion (or if you have that knowledge and would like to contribute, please let us know)?
We hope you are enjoying your Dance on the Edge of Time and continue to express, love and follow your passions as we collectively unfold the new world.
Many blessings and Aloha to all, -Peter-

Let the "kid" in *you* OUT!
"KidCast For Peace" NetCast: November 17th, 1997
Start NOW to offer your visions of peace for this ongoing event!

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