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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997
To: KidCast@creativity.net
Subject: (EVENT-11/17) Arts For Social Change Gathering: SF Event and Netcast.
Previous Update: Oct. 24, 1997

ON MONDAY, Nov. 17th... in Pacific Heights or Anywhere on Earth

"KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World" invites the kid-in-you,
to share your ideas, images and inspiration in our latest Internet
multicast and opportunity to listen to the "children" as they share their
solutions with the "adults" for how to make this a happier, healthier and
safer world.

This 5th KidCast offers CU-SeeMe and other interactive fun connecting
Hawaii, Japan, San Francisco, and other global locations as they sign onto
our primary MEDIACAST CU-SeeMe reflector cuseeme.mediacast.com. For the 
older Cornell CU-SeeMe client freeware use: IP# We gather
LIVE in San Francisco at 11am PST and continue to party and chat until 11pm,
thanks to 3220 Networks,, Mediacast and White Pine Software,
also offering their Event Reflector:

IP#, for both KC-high and KC-low band
transmission as a back up/alternative gathering place.
WHEN: Monday, November 17th. 11am -11pm, and ongoing.... WHERE: San Francisco AND elsewhere "Creativity Cafe For A Day" (contact Number: 415 931 2593) 3220 Sacramento Street in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. (AND INTERNATIONAL INTERNET NODES NEAR YOU?) CONTACT: KC Coordinator, Peter Rosen @ V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media: 415-776-0821. Join us live and in cyberspace to explore virtual worlds, chat rooms and celebrate life in an atmosphere where "Strangers, who are just friends who haven't yet met." Bring some kids and the Kid-in-you for International live music jams as part of a global orchestra composed of KIDS-OF-ALL-AGES in schools, homes and community Internet nodes using Natural Instruments, MIDI Musical Instrument "Chats" thanks to ResRocket.com, theatre-of-the-absurd performances (real life?), instant art creation and more. Enjoy Conscious Cabaret with Errol Streider, our magnificent minister of fun, frolic and feeling good. He will host KidCast storytelling theater and present: "Elfbert, Santa's Reluctant Helper;" about an Elf who persuades Santa to give children "qualities" for Xmas instead of toys; an excellent libation for the soul with charming emphasis on values (integrity, fairness, courage...etc.), presented in a very unique and delightful way... "They" --a piece about peer pressure, and being one's self rather than be concerned about "What they think," talks about where "they" go to school to become "theys"-satirical, self affirming. We hope you will partake of this offering of more than just a few of these "appetizers" to introduce you to our upcoming series of Creativity Cafe Conscious Cabaret Networking Salons where folks like Errol will shine for those "Dancing on the Edge Of Time," or just wanting to find friends interested in synergy, Pronoia and escape from paths of pain. Participation details from where ever you are can be found in Kidcast Central as can present and past sponsors, supporters and participants from other KidCasts: http://creativity.net/kidcast2.html. We will be setting up on Sunday, for our gathering and "broadcasting" on Monday. Vendors with suitable products or services may approach us for table space. Everyone is most welcome to join our festive community happening in Pacific Heights, be introduced to kids-of-all-ages, the technology of digital storytelling, for fun (bring your musical instruments, some stuff to eat and drink; hang out and "talk Story"). And. let's not forget our main purpose for expressing solutions to take the FEAR out of life on planet Earth. KidCast Creation Stations (including crayons) will be available to make digital art and to explore virtual worlds, thanks to 3220 Networks, Greg Jalbert Creator of Bliss Paint Visual Music generation software and others. Creativity Cafe tour guides will assist the public to make art on the spot for instant web site construction. We ask SPONSORS to step forward NOW and underwrite the economics of this project for Next Earthday's KidCast on April 22, 1997 and beyond. Please contact the V.A.R.I.O.U.S. office for details. We especially encourage pioneering digerati to help instigate neighborhood Digital Storytelling and Creativity Camps near you (http://creativity.net/ccamp.html). If you have a passion for making a difference, please join our gatherings to serve the community in understanding the ramifications *and potential* of the communication revolution. We now return you to your life as you know it (But, there's so much more...). KidCast For Peace is produced by Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S.) a not-for-profit community benefit association. All donations are fully tax deductible. ...a concerned citizen of planet earth, come on down!

Let the "kid" in *you* OUT!
"KidCast For Peace" NetCast: November 17th, 1997
Start NOW to offer your visions of peace for this ongoing event!
Details: http://creativity.net/kidcast2.html

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