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KidCast @ Marin County Fair PRESS RELEASE

Wed, 19 Jun 1996
Subject: (7/3) Creativity Cafe@Marin County Fair -KidCast Press Release

Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services

For Immediate Release

Stop: July 8th, 1996

Children Build A Peaceful Place at Marin County Fair
Kids use cyberspace to express their wishes for a better world

San Francisco - June 18, 1996 - Visionary Artists' Resources Including
Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S.), announces it's third Creativity
Cafe(tm) "KidCast for Peace" taking place at the Marin County Fair. Hosted
by Microweb Internet Services, the KidCast will reach kids of all ages and
give them a venue to express their hopes, dreams, and visions for a better
tomorrow. Visitors to Microweb's booth will interact via CU-SeeMe internet
videoconferencing software with children in other parts of the world also
expressing their concern.

As in past physical events, Creativity Cafe's installation will feature 3-D
animation demonstrations, computer portraits, interactive theater, and
Creativity Cafe tour guides. Public response to the KidCast is always very
positive. The children love to see themselves on camera and on the Big
Screen. Pictures from past KidCasts are available to view on the Internet
at The KidCast will take place July 3-7 at Creativity Cafe located in the Multimedia Funhouse section of the fair.

Through live and cyberspace interaction, the kids will come together and
build web sites with their words and artwork. These websites will be
posted in a collective gathering on Creativity Cafe's website:
http:/ "Our desire is to give children a channel in cyberspace to express their hopes, dreams, and ideas on how we might assist
them in creating a more peaceful world," says Peter H. Rosen, executive
director of V.A.R.I.O.U.S..

The ability of the Creativity Cafe to bring kids together in a successful
and productive effort have been demonstrated twice before. The first
KidCast debuted at the Children's World Peace Festival in June of 1995.
The second event was a weekend long celebration over the Earthday Holiday
April 1996. This featured the launch of a 3-D VRML (Virtual Reality
Modeling Language) "EarthStation" that continues to circle cyberspace
acting as a repository for children's visions of a better world.

Generous sponsors for the KidCasts have included MicroWeb Internet
Services, White Pine Software, EISI, Macromedia, MetaTools Inc., Fractal
Design, Farallon, Envirolink, Sirius Communications, MediaCast, FWB, The Well, Adobe,
and the many other corporations and individuals who contributed time and energy.

V.A.R.I.O.U.S., a 501(c)3 community benefit organization, is opening up new
markets with it's innovative Creativity Cafe; a "New School for the Next
Millennium." The organization was founded by Rosen in 1980. Currently
Creativity Cafe is planning to develop a permanent location in San
Francisco early next year. Designed to be a healthful community technology
access and visioning center during the day, and after most kids are in bed,
a multimedia nightclub. It will guide people in taking advantage of the
communications revolution in a very different kind of live and cyber
networking atmosphere. For more information visit their web site at, or in person at the Marin County Fair.

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Please note the new and shorter URL for Creativity Cafe.
Creativity Cafe Contact:
Peter H. Rosen
2263 Sacramento St. #2
San Francisco, CA 94115
Press contact:
Sun Solutions
Heather Roberson
P.O. Box 896
Pescadero, CA 94060

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